When our lives are disrupted by thoughts of not being good enough, or not getting it right, we self sabbotage. Imagine being freed from these thoughts so you can live from a heart that is fully God's so you can live HIS purpose for your life every single day. Our Set Free tools help you identify with how powerfully loved and worthy you are from God's perspective.

These Set Free Tools Have Helped Thousands Build A Stronger Life Of Spiritual, Emotional And Financial Freedom!

“The Set Free tools gave me the ability to trust again and not fear.”

"These tools are an amazing way to open the eyes of your heart. I love to learn new ways to pray and these prayers touch my heart."

“They gave me a new way to look at my life and at people in general.”

“I have healthier relationships between God, myself and others because of these tools.”

"Thank you for the beginning steps of learning how to be set free."

Work On One Tool At A Time!

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