Life Lessons From a Homeless Influencer

Amy sits on a street corner with a sign saying “homeless”. 

Whether or not she actually is...only God knows. 

With designer pants on, and an iphone by her side, she’s likely just working her small corner of the city. Like many people who pan handle on the street, her sign also said she knows Jesus. 

A man came up and rubbed my back as I squatted next to her to talk. He asked her if she needed a bottle of water and she told him yes, as if she knew exactly who he was.

Now, he may have been a friend, a concerned citizen or perhaps her pimp keeping tabs on her as she sat in her bra on the street corner. Either way it wasn’t for me to judge. I simply wanted to pray for her and tell her how valuable she is to God.

As I began to ask her questions, her stories started to unfold. She told me she left home as a teenager because she thought life would be better. She was wrong of course, but now it’s all she knows.

Compassion rose up in me for what was probably a tough time at home or just a rebellious teenager who unconsciously chose the life she now has.

Amy’s Potential

Amy wants to go back home to feel the love and support of her family once again. The question is, will she? Or will she eventually pass away on the streets with that dream stuck inside of her? 

Amy has the potential to be someone of influence. Her story could potentially save the lives of other teens who choose to run away. If she never releases her orphaned spirit, and poverty mentality, she won’t reach her full potential. 

This deeply saddens me and moves me to further my work much faster and farther than I ever did before.  

Like Amy... 

...maybe you feel stuck at times.

Maybe you give off the appearance that you’re doing well, but underneath you feel a deep sense of lack and like no one cares. 

You may not be holding up a sign, but you know its there - and yet...

You KNOW you’re meant for so much more.

You need to know WHO YOU ARE and WHO’s YOU ARE. 

Take it from someone who for years felt powerless. Sign or no sign, your life can become incredibly powerful simply by emotionally connecting to God, yourself and others.

Setting Yourself Free

God may just be waiting to see if you have a hunger or thirst to make the first move in getting your life back on track.

Amy’s life doesn’t seem drastic to her, because to her it’s normal.

Your life can still feel very normal and yet your calling may be drastically out of reach unless you start investing in yourself and in that dream.

You can have a Set Free Life Coach contact you to help you find the freedom you’re looking for. It’s free and confidential.

Just like Amy is beautifully and wonderfully made, so are you. If she knew just how much value she could bring to the world and just how much God values her, she would likely make different choices.

You have the ability. You have the choice.

Give yourself the opportunity to live your dreams by following this link.

It’s time.

Don’t wait another moment.