God Wants To Give You The Desires Of Your Heart

There are people you come across in life who are so unique and special that they make you feel grateful to be alive. 

Sometimes those same people are part of your family. 

Sometimes they are even your own children. 

The Voice of God…

When I heard a voice say...”You will have a daughter.” I couldn’t fathom how that was going to happen. 

My husband was done having children immediately after our second son was born. To my dismay, he ended that chapter of our lives - BUT GOD wasn’t finished.

For the next ten years I sobbed in private whenever I saw a mom doting over her little girl. I loved my sons deeply, so I know I would have been fine, but there was an unexplainable empty spot in my heart. 

One night I was half asleep and I heard a voice say, “You will have a daughter.” 

That had to have been a crazy dream. Right? 

A very audible kind of crazy dream. 

I decided right then that I was perfectly happy with my family as is. Our sons were independent and nearing their teens. Besides, only one week prior I had finally given away all the old baby stuff while clearing out the garage. 

I forced myself to ignore the words I heard and decided to go back to sleep. 

A few minutes later I heard it again. This time the voice was a bit louder and felt more authoritative. 

A part of me felt compelled to believe, but another part of me didn’t believe this voice either, even though I sat there trembling. In fact I was downright indignant towards it. I felt hurt because I didn’t believe it was physically possible anymore since his surgery had taken place. 

God Holds All Things…

What seems physically impossible to us is still totally possible with God who holds all things in the palm of His hands. 

Two months later, my husband returned from his tour out at sea. He explained that he saw little girls faces everywhere and that it touched him deeply. He said he had been convicted of his selfishness through a movie he watched on the sub and that he wanted to give me that little girl I’ve always wanted. 

I knew then that something supernatural had taken place for both of us. I didn’t talk about what I heard. I still wasn’t sure if I should allow myself to believe it, even though I wanted to with my whole heart.

Miracles DO Happen! 

My little girl turns 25 today.  

She may not appear unique or special to anyone else, but she’ll never know the faith, hope and love that her existence unlocked for so many people the day she was born. 

He entrusted us to raise her as He gave me the desire of my heart. Even so, she belongs to Him.

So Happy Birthday Beautiful. 

I know you weren’t expecting me to share this in public - like ever! - nor was I, but people need to be encouraged to know that the desire of their heart is important to God. 

After all, He is the one who said that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE. 

PS. Even countries apart, you will always have a piece of my heart.