Why Is The Holy Spirit Filled With Comfort

When your mind is racing, like mine is right now, where do you go to shut it off?

I was called evil, a scammer and a liar by someone a few minutes ago. I understand he’s controlled by substance abuse, but it still hurts momentarily nonetheless. My human instinct wanted to convince him otherwise, but the Spirit inside tells me it wouldn’t do any good.

Before I read his last text, three of my close family and friends, and lets throw in one client for good measure, all text me about how discouraged they often feel. I thought, “Goodness, its not even noon yet and it “feels” like the whole world has grown weary of standing strong against evil.”

Then another thought came immediately afterward, “The world is groaning.” This is true, and it is not how I expected today to go.


Before I write anymore, let me go regain some peace for my own mind, then I’ll come back to share with you exactly what I did to find it. Meanwhile, here is some lovely music you can listen to about the Holy Spirit.

Okay I’m back and thank you for reading on.

Did you enjoy the calming music above by Tim Oladeru? Keep it playing while reading if you’d like. It might relax you for a few minutes.

Years ago I was slowly healing from a traumatic brain injury. During that time, I was in so much pain that I struggled to breathe properly.  One night, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “If I breathed the breath of life into you, how important do you think your breath is?”

This caught me so off guard that I actually held my breath so I could hear more. I wasn’t sure if I was to give an answer in response to the question or not. When I exhaled, I heard only one word, “Breathe”. I heard it several times afterward and simply allowed myself to obey the voice. By the third time I heard it, my entire body felt weightless. I had relaxed into the bed and fell fast asleep.

Since that night, I’ve continued the practice of breathing slowly to remove all anxiety from my life.

As promised, here are the steps I took just a few minutes ago to get peaceful again:

  • I sat on the couch in my office where I’m writing this post to you.
  • I hit the play button above and placed my hand on my stomach to remind myself that I need to drop from my head to my heart.
  • I then breathed in slowly at the count of four.
  • I held my breath at the count of four and only focused on that. No other thoughts came to my mind.
  • I let the breath out at the count of four and listened to the air leave my lungs, along with all the pent up feelings of rejection, hurt, etc.
  • I repeated the breathing until I felt peace fill my soul again.

Sound too simple?

I get it, but it actually is THAT simple.

Did I mention I’ve had ADD most of my adult life? Through slow breathing, and focusing only on my breath, people constantly mention how calm I am. Its not the norm you see.

If you’re thinking there’s got to be more to it….well, that’s because there is. That ‘something more’ is actually KEY to having the breathing method work for you.

Are you ready for it?

You can’t judge anything or anyone around you.

“Ha! SUUUURE.” You might be saying.

Before you judge it, try it. You can’t focus on Jesus and the devil at the same time. All you’re allowed to do is listen to your breathing and have no other thoughts spooling around your head. Imagine your high anxiety level dropping to zero. How would that feel to you to live in a state of calm every day of your life, no matter what’s happening all around you?

BREATH = my drug of choice.

The Holy Spirit wants all of us to experience PEACE because he’s the comforter. Your circumstances can only remove that peace if you allow life to control you.

Want a great way to practice? I’ve freely shared an audio with hundreds of people who suffer with anxiety and their panic attacks stopped, medications got dropped, atmospheres shifted in their family homes, all because God asked me if I knew how important my breath was.

Do you know how important your breath is?

If you’d like a copy of this audio it’s free to you, along with 9 other excellent tools to help you move beyond many of the areas you can feel blocked by; like forgiveness, purpose, parenting, humilty and so much more. Just drop your primary email in here and you’ll get the audio in your inbox. All the rest of the tools will follow over the next few weeks. If you know someone with anxiety, share this page. Sometimes we have to see things for ourselves in order to believe.

Comment below and tell me if the audio helped you and what level did your anxiety decrease to? Would love to know so we can praise God together. <3