I watched an elderly homeless man walk across a street while driving through Toronto a few years ago. His shoe was untied and I was concerned he would trip, fall, get hurt, or even hit by a car.

Who would care about him, other than the Kingdom?

As a passenger in my daughter's car, I asked if she would pull off the road for a moment. She pulled into a parking lot of a small plaza, and I told her I'd be right back.

I walked toward him and could smell a foul oder from quite a distance away. I could have changed my mind, but felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to keep walking.

His hair was a mess and his beard was matted with what looked like human waste.

"Hi Sir, I saw you crossing the road with your shoe untied and I don't want you to trip. May I tie it for you?"

His long eyebrows hung over his big brown eyes, but I could imagine his thoughts. He was probably wondering if I was just trying to hurt him, or make fun of him somehow.
He simply stared at me.

I smiled, and decided to do it without waiting for him to respond.

His shoes were full of holes and caked with mud. Although the strings were long, it took me a little bit to get them tied.

When I stood up, I smiled at him and said, "There you go. Thank you for letting me do that. Now you won't trip."

The man stared at me in disbelief. He said, "Thank you. No one has ever done anything nice like that for me before."

The tears in his eyes put a lump in my throat. To think that tying his shoe would move him to tears. It made my heart hurt.

How could this be with a city full of people?

Then I quickly remembered the story Jesus told of a man who lay dying in the road. Several people (including those who called themselves believers) walked right past him.

One man out of many stopped to help. He put him on his donkey and brought him to an Inn. He told the keeper of the Inn to take care of the man and that he would pay for all of his expenses.

He is known today as the "Good Samaritan".

Please understand...

One small act of kindness changed many lives.

You see, there was a business man watching, a woman with a grocery bag watching, my children in the car were watching; and all of these lives were impacted on some level by my tying a shoe lace that day.

His words changed my life for good. “No one has ever done anything nice like that for me before.”

I chose to create my own culture from that day forward. I want a culture of love. A culture of doing life with my eyes and ears open to those I can serve, whether at home or in business.

Too many people have an orphan spirit. If they only knew the Father they’d never feel that way.

My life, and my work, now represent the Kingdom of God through relationship.

What does this mean?

It means my life is not about me. To use resources to benefit others and let God bless them through me. It means there is no need to impress others. I want to operate with integrity whether someone is watching or not. I ask God to help me see what I cannot see. It means that Kingdom principles are my life from now on no matter what others think.

When you live within Kingdom Principles, when a crisis comes you can still THRIVE. There is no recession in the Kingdom. There is no dis-ease in the Kingdom either because its about freedom and love.

Freedom looks like serving and being around people who want to set other people free. That’s why I mentor coaches who want to do life together with other Kingdom builders. I want to help you stop spending money and learning from worldly Guru’s who want you to keep buying program after program that you’ll never resonate with.

If the Kingdom of God resonates with you, if setting people free from the orphan spirit and a poverty mentality resonates with you, go to this link to see if this is where God has been leading you.

Creating a community of big dreamers of God’s vision for their life - that’s our culture now. Join us?