People. Please. Stop this insanity.

The average cost of an engagement ring in the United States is $6,351, according to a survey by The Knot. The AVERAGE???

Tell me - with more than half the marriages ending in divorce, what do you suppose will happen to that ring?

People. Please. Stop this insanity.

While most couples believe they won’t make the same mistakes their parents made, they absolutely do. Unless your mind gets renewed, it will fall back on what it knows automatically, like a video replay with more modern language.

According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Which is exactly how people go into marriage.

So here is what I'd like to share:

6 Tips to greatness BEFORE you buy

  1. Stop the insanity. Doing things differently BEFORE you get married means you invest early in establishing a healthy relationship right from the start. Gold medalists hire a coach to win the gold. Hire a coach to show you how to keep you winning gold in your marriage.
  2. No matter how many divorce examples you have in your family, you can learn to love differently right here. Choose to be set free from generations of sinful habits.
  3. You agree upfront that no ring is worth going into debt over, and that $6,351 you would have spent gets put into learning how to live out a healthy relationship for life instead. Take $2,000 of that money and hire a coach immediately. My clients consistently report that “Set Free Coaching is absolutely PRICELESS!” I live out, “The Set Free Life”. My husband and I live it every day of our lives because we would have split up, too, had we not understood the 5 principles of love that the Holy Spirit downloaded years ago.
  4. Take another $2,000 of that money and go buy new bedroom set that you both love. You’ll spend a lot of time there to begin with, so why not make it the most romantic spot in your house?
  5. Use another $1,000 to buy plane tickets for your honeymoon, hopefully to your favorite destination. Reserve your tickets early so the extra you save can be put toward your hotel expenses.
  6. With the $1,351 you’ll have left over, find a suitable ring that will stay on her finger for life! If you do what I'm suggesting in these tips, you would have invested into your love bank in every way.

How do I know your marriage will be for life if you do as I suggest? Because you not only cared enough to figure out how to love differently and stay married right from the beginning, you also learned to be a wise investor.

When you implement what you've learned, you’ll never wonder again if you’ll make the same mistakes your parents did.

By investing in you and your future spouse, rather than in a diamond ring that gets pawned or thrown into a lake during a fit of rage, you can rest assured that you’ll choose relationship over being right any day.

By investing wisely, you keep no record of wrongs. Instead you’ll be growing and empowering your relationship, which allows you to live from the overflow of all the love you both desire and deserve.

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