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Dear Christian Business Owner,

Are you ready to understand where your business is now, and how you can create a map to reach your FULL God-given purpose?

Are you ready to create business strategies you’ll need for branding & innovating in any economy?

The truth is without customers and income you have no business.

Jesus teaches us to serve. Its through serving that we receive. Sales Giant, Zig Ziglar, said that if we help enough people get what they want, we’ll also get what we want. But what if you don’t know HOW to serve others in this way?

Since the early 2000’s, I’ve watched God build my business. I’ve seen him restore relationships and businesses through my coaching, but I’ve also witnessed His awesome power firsthand in teaching me about generosity and serving others.

This is why my business grew;

  • I asked more questions

  • I heard more answers

  • I solved more problems

This is the why I’m bringing together 20+ years of my own business experience, along with several of my friends; like professional speaker and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award Winner, Kelly Falardeau, to help you succeed in your business through story telling and speaking to the heart of your customers.

We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance.

Romans 5:3

BUSINESS MASTERY Helps You Master Your Mind

So You Can Master Your Business - For GOOD!

Business Mastery is for YOU if you’re ready to…

  • Discover where you’re at in business currently and how to create a map to reach your goals

  • Create steadfast credibility

  • Serve and lead with generosity to propel your business forward

  • Refocus and realign with the business strategy you’ll need for branding and innovating in any economy

  • Create massive results through taking the right massive action

  • Use the right business strategies to obtain clients in your business right now

  • Understand the mind of your clients and how to respond to their assumptions

  • Help potential clients see what the cost is by not finding freedom

  • Create just the right amount of tension that holds your company together

  • Write that book you keep hearing you ought to write

  • Tell your story so that it inspires others to WIN

  • Deliver a message through public speaking

  • Maintain integrity in marketing and make good on the message you create

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Business Mastery Sets You Free! Training Includes:

2 Hour Mind Shift Calls For 12 Months

Getting Your Attitude on Track

Prospect Awareness Training

Program Creation Training

Full Access To Kellie Using Voxer & Email

Full Access to Kellie’s Video Coaching Programs

Free Tickets To Kellie’s Live Events


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Christian Lifestyle Coaching Certification $3,000

* 2 Free Tickets To Attend Our 3 Day Live Event for Christian Lifestyle Coaches

* 1 Week of Personal Growth and Leadership Training With Our Set Free Coaches

* 15 Hours Of Observation Time

* 2 Assessments

* Certificate of Certification

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Becoming A Self-Published Author $697

Becoming An Author Course For Those Who Have A Book Inside Waiting To Escape

This Step-by-Step Course Walks You Through The Process Of Getting Your Book Written And Published

Editing, Cover Design, Promoting, Reviews

Step-by-Step Instructions On Uploading Your Book To Amazon

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The Set Free Life On-Line Course $197

Discover How to Truly Love God And Hear His Voice

Create Better Self-Care Strategies for a Healthier You AND a Healthier Business

Build Emotional Connections With Like-Minded People That Can Last a Life Time

Live More Courageously and Without Worry

Kellie’s Set Free Business Mastery

Starts February 27th, 2019 So HURRY!!