Do You Often Find Stress In Your Relationships?

Hi There!

My name is Kellie Frazier and I am a follower of God, a disciple of Jesus Christ. I’m also an author, speaker and life coach today, but a several years ago I could easily tell you how bad it felt to not know how valued and loved by God I was.

I was deeply wounded by the spirit of betrayal while growing up. Those who loved me betrayed me, or I witnessed them fiercely betraying others that I cared about. When I became a Christian, things didn’t change much. Hypocrisy, and lies within the church, was everywhere. This pattern created fear inside of me. Who could I trust?

Sin isn’t a topic anyone likes to speak of, but it can draw you in and make you believe fear, anxiety and worry is “normal” behavior. I’m here to tell you it NOT.

We live in a society where tearing down is normal. To doubt, or betray is to get higher ratings, earn more money, gain notoriety. This spiritual battle is promoted on every level by every form of media. It doesn’t have to be that way in YOUR LIFE.

Having high morals, living on purpose by Godly principles and having deep spiritual convictions, THIS can be your life. 

The question is are you ready to be free from yourself so you can be from others?

There is one form of truth that can set you free. You CAN be delivered from betrayal or from any other form of sin that keeps you self sabotaging your lifestyle. Once released from this stronghold – your thoughts, your intentions and the spirit within you, is free to love, to laugh and to enjoy life again without EVER going back to old thoughts.

So let me briefly explain a few mistakes we make as Christians;

Mistake #1 Believing You Must Be Super Man or Super Woman

You’re not put on earth to be alone, nor to compare yourself to others. Its time for you to ask for God’s help and stop looking at others for that help. Its time to stop comparing yourself to them too. The single biggest difference between a healthy Christian lifestyle and an unhealthy Christian lifestyle is RELATIONSHIP. The other part that makes a big difference is your MINDSET.

Mistake #2 We put everyone else first while shaming ourselves into neglecting our own health.

You cannot walk around with an empty cup. Not even Jesus did life like that.  When he felt drained he pulled away and filled back up again before moving on. Shame was never a part of his life. If you continue to shame yourself, allow guilt to make you put everyone else first, and never refresh yourself, you’ll teach others how to treat you. The Day of Love teaches you how to fill you own cup while feeling more confident and more loved.  

Mistake #3 Saying “Yes” when you really ought to be saying “NO”!

I’ll teach you three unique ways to say NO, that make you feel so good that it won’t even sound like you’re saying no!

Learning to say “No” will not only propel you forward in confidence but will also give you freedom to be yourself, to breathe, relax and enjoy life.

Most people end up in counselor offices, spending thousands of dollars, and never even get close to feeling confident or valued.

This is just one of the reasons why I created the Day of Love Healing & Restoring YOU Program. Christian men and women everywhere deserve to be whole and healthy. In fact, it is your God-given right!

What are the requirements to take this course?  

  • No prerequisite knowledge needed.
  • Just the website platform; no additional materials needed.
  • You may download the workbook of questions in the supplementary materials.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 7 training videos and a digital workbook
  • In this course, you will participate in 4.75 hours of stories, warm humor, and transformative insights
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to  1) Explain how to cultivate forgiveness—the key to developing more joy and belonging, 2) Discuss who you are in God’s eyes as the origin for more love, confidence and accountability, 3) Discuss what your passionate about while avoiding weakness, insecurities, and self-sufficiency.

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone interested in living WHOLEHEARTEDLY for Jesus
  • Anyone wanting MORE JOY and less overwhelm
  • Anyone wanting CONFIDENCE and FAITH
  • Anyone wanting a clear VISION to their God given purpose
  • Anyone wanting to live with more PURPOSE
  • Anyone wanting to move FORWARD with more joy in life

What Does The Program Have In It?

  • Two High Quality Study Guides That Include Assessments And Module Answers
  • Seven Video Modules Chocked FULL of God’s wisdom
  • A Community Forum To Connect And Collaborate
  • 1 Q&A Call With Kellie
  • Supportive Confident People Who Truly Care About Your Dreams
  • A Consistent Plan of Action to Stay in Alignment with God’s Blessings for Your Life

What’s Inside Each Training Module?


I’ll share with you a powerful case study of what happened to one man took self sabotage to the next level with an INSPIRING story that gets you MOTIVATED to truly LIVE!


GROW your internal POWER instead of giving it away til your drained.  Your belief system is what fuels both your internal and external life. I’ll explain the Top 2 COSTLY Mistakes of All Relationships, especially the one with yourself, and how to create an amazing relationship with God that takes all your relationships to the next level.


Procrastination is OVER!! Unblock those hidden feelings that have unconsciously been holding you back so you can take action RIGHT NOW without procrastinating! Genuine steps for loving what you want to do in life, and bringing greater life to what you choose to do!


Expanding your POSITIVE perspectives by saying NO! Plus….The Three Powerful Cornerstones For Greater Joy-Filled Living! (You wouldn’t believe how much this one aspect has to do with unleashing more motivation).

BE ALIVE ON PURPOSE! – Empowering Your Purpose and Passion; wouldn’t it be great to wake up every morning looking forward to what the day has in store? In this module you’ll be energized when you see the results to your own passion test so you can GET MOVING on what you really want to do with your life.

BUILDING BLOCKS TO MORE CONFIDENCE – Building Courage and Confidence in the Lord helps you GET THINGS DONE!  When you’ve been oppressed by certain beliefs your confidence suffers and you remain stuck.  When you take it step-by-step, as I teach in this module, absolutely NOTHING can stop you except YOU.

UNDERSTANDING WHY YOU “USE TO BE” STUCK AND WHY YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO BE! – I’d have to say this is probably the most POWERFUL of all modules because you’ll see how your brain has been exhausting itself by working overtime on unhealthy beliefs that had you STUCK.  After watching it, you’ll realize that finally your VOICE can be HEARD because your opinion matters.  Everything in all the other modules comes together in this one video. Powerful stuff!!


If you want to know how to live a lifestyle of GREAT health – this SURPRISE MODULE will show you one INCREDIBLE way to increase your immune system, and your brain power, almost instantly!

Here is what others have said…


“Many humans experience some form/degree of tragedy in their lifetime, yet many never tell their story. Because I shared my story with Kellie, she introduced me to the DOL program. This program helped me lunge into my journey of self-love and self-discovery. I am forever grateful!” ~ Angela, Entrepreneur/Philanthropist

“The Day of Love Program has been one of the greatest things I have ever experienced. Through the program, I gained the confidence I was lacking to trust God and the empowerment of having self-worth. I learned to be assertive when I need to be in a positive way. I’m happy with the person I am now and have seen myself grow and develop into a stronger woman who knows that I am loved and valued by God. I now love and value myself!” ~ Amy, SC

“After years of not dealing with some issues in my past, when I experienced the Day of Love training, I not only dealt with them, I overcame them. The Day of Love has given me freedom from my past so that I could face my future success.” Kim, MO

This program helped me develop the tools and techniques for sustainable success in both my personal and business life. We all have short bursts of success here and there, but the feeling you get when you know it can be sustained long term is so empowering. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kellie. Those that I care about echo my sentiments!” ~ Don, MI

This is totally transformational! I never knew I had to release so much and you made it easy by walking us through it step by step. I am loving and appreciating all of the wisdom.” ~ Gail, AZ

“This program has helped me tremendously to let go of the fears, doubts, and worries, to having confidence with humility based on trusting God to continually guide me on His path for my life. Yes, I still have moments of concern over finances and confidence in my abilities, but Kellie and the Day of Love Program continually inspire me on my journey. Thank you and God bless.” ~ Ann, SC

“Someone told us how much this program had helped them. It sounded like just what we needed. I have to say that we had to work hard for it. We did it faithfully and were rewarded. We fell in love again. We are forever thankful.” ~ Pamela, CA

If you’re hearing a ‘yes’ then it might be time for you to step off that hamster wheel.

A Package Valued At $497 

For Only: $197

 with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

 After clicking the “Buy Now” button you’ll be taken to the product page where you can make your purchase.  You’ll then be taken to a page where you’ll see a request for password.  Just type in the password we’ll send to you and you’re good to go!

If you want to make payments, we also have that as an option.

Here are a few reasons why we want to get this program out to the masses.

Marriages, Employees, Businesses and yes…even LIVES… have been spared because of this program.

Current estimates suggest that 40-50% of recent marriages will end in separation, prior the death of either spouse, 80% of all businesses will fail, and countless lives will end because they don’t know Jesus. My goal is to dramatically reduce pain in this world by bringing people to a God who loves them and can provide healing.

The Day of Love Course can UNLOCK some of the barriers in your life that cause you to feel over-whelmed, over-stressed and under-valued. 

I believe with all my heart that if you’re still reading this, then you ARE right for this course. The final thought I want to leave with you is this. You can’t love others UNTIL you learn to love God first. Its only by HIS love that we are set free.

Always Love,


PS. The course is a 7-day program so you can study one video a day any time you want, even in your pjs, just to make it convenient for you.  Its become the best selling program in our DOL system. Not only is it a 30-day MBG but it is also available for the lifetime of our business.  You can see the results people are getting.