Welcome to your first step - which is understanding the difference between Counselors and Set Free Christian Lifestyle Coaches.

Christian Lifestyle Coaches BOOTCAMP:

  • Coaching is 15 hours per week for one client

  • Coaches love their clients through the hurt, the self sabotage. Coaches help clients see God’s pure, holy and perfect love for them

  • Coaches are there to instill excellent habits while holding clients accountable

  • Christian Lifestyle Coaches are making disciples for Christ


  • Counseling is usually one or two hours per week for one client

  • Counselors keep emotional distance from clients and work at keeping things very neutral

  • Counselors have little time to help clients form a habit of showing up differently every day

  • Counselors are not making disciples for Christ


You may be ready to experience this true FREEDOM if these reasons resonate with you: 

  1. You’re ready for a change

  2. You want to be fully heard

  3. You want to experience forgiveness

  4. You know God answers prayers

  5. You know that growth also means getting uncomfortable

  6. It has nothing to do with privilege, background or deservedness

  7. You desire freedom from sin

  8. You desire coaching now