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Knowing God is living in freedom. The first step to true freedom is in knowing Christ. In these videos you’ll understand how your relationship with God impacts your relationship with everyone else, including yourself!

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While marriage is about partnership, its more about how willing you are to take personal responsibility to show up in more loving ways, day after day. This video series gives you step-by-step strategies to creating a marriage that is abundantly blessed, how to raise your internal bar, how to navigate the most challenging of times and much more. 

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This course is my signature course and what ‘Set Free’ is all about! This five week course in beta testing mode. We’re hoping to get this course into every church in America, so your feedback regarding CONTENT is greatly appreciated. Technical issues will be removed once video is reproduced professionally.

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Being part of our Set Free Inner Circle will give you a sense of community. We’re not meant to do life alone and you’ll learn so much from your classmates by getting involved. Ask questions, offer suggestions, prayers and scripture to those in your group and you’ll make lasting friendships.


Topic Training and Question & Answer Sessions

This is YOUR TIME! These monthly calls will be announced on your Set Free FB Page each month. Mark them in your calendars!

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