The Set Free Life Is LOVE In Action!

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The Set Free Life 5-week video course says your heart and voice are VALUABLE to Jesus - and to the world.

With our step-by-step Leader's Guides you can validate where you are right now, while hearing God's truths about who you are. As your faith grows you can also use this home study course as a small group study!

This course pours LIFE into all people. It teaches you to lean in and take personal responsibility for abiding in Christ while finding your personal freedom.

You’ll understand how to;

  1. live in ruthless honesty

  2. forgive the way Jesus does

  3. keep a sound mind even during chaos

  4. serve God as disciples while speaking LIFE

  5. use your gifts and talents to build God's Kingdom

You are not alone in your feelings of "Not being good enough" but its time to end that generational thinking.

This course, along with your implementation, can help you up level your thinking.

As one person said, "Set Free is the sound of a love revolution in Christianity!"

We couldn't agree more.

Results will vary of course, but here are the benefits of The Set Free Life Home Study Course: 

  • Healing from anxiety

  • Restoration and forgiveness

  • A deeper connection to God

  • Power to accept the past and move forward

  • Freedom in Christ

  • Emotional and relational freedom

What a few people have said…


Daniel & Sabrina Tepasse said, “We understood sin better, we became more aware, we learned to identify with Christ rather than with the world, and that we can have friendship with him. We have to see our weaknesses as strength, we got rid of our pride and were able to forgive others in doing so. Seeing yourself in different ways and letting God into your life is so powerful.”

Sammy Dale said; “I went into this thinking I wasn’t going to get anything out it, but I was blown away. I think I got more out of it than my wife, Kelly, did. So I really think everybody should try this program because you’re going to benefit a lot from it.”

 What do you get in The Set Free Life Video Course?

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  • Group Study Questions in your inbox (PDF's to print off)

  • Access to the Set Free Facebook Community