Orange Or Apple Juice!

What an opportunity Adam and Eve had, being the first humans. It must have been a perplexing time for them as well. We know that their attempt to cover up sin, wasn’t really about the apple. It was more about the choices they made AFTER it happened. They gave up their right to walk with God. For all of us this means that by default, each time we choose sin over righteousness, that we give up our right to walk with God. Exodus 20:4-6, shows us that generationally, our sins are passed down to our children.

If we were an orange, and someone came along and squeezed us, then orange juice should come out, right? What happens to most of us when we get squeezed is that apple juice comes out instead. Kellie teaches your audience how to recognize generational apple juice. It is taught with humor and sensitivity, and gives your audience the tools to overcome generational issues.  

Speak LIFE!

Does an unforgiving spirit make you bitter by default? Do we really understand what it's like to forgive one another the way Jesus forgives us? Scripture requires us to let go of all bitterness. Our freedom is Satan's Kryptonite! It weakens his hold over us because we stop venting ill feelings that we’ve had toward someone else. When we choose to SPEAK LIFE, it means we’re studying the word, praying and singing praises to God. This weakens Satan's grip. We no longer have to concern ourselves with " attacks" or "spiritual warfare”, even though both exist. This Keynote teaches that what we focus on expands.

Yes You Can! 

When fear shows up, a sound mind often goes right out the window. We can all agree that our goal is to be victorious and set free. “When emotion goes up, intelligence goes down.” Fear causes emotions to rise and that’s when we stop thinking straight. Most people live in a state of “feeling overwhelmed”, “feeling anxious”, “a little nervous” or “just a little worried”; all of which are fear-based feelings.

The lie we’ve been told is that admitting fear could cause embarrassment, or shame, to ourselves or those around us. These lies did not come from God because he did not give us a spirit of fear. This Keynote teaches audiences how to acknowledge the fear, and trust God to show up in the midst of it. While being stuck in perpetual thoughts of “I can’t”, God is saying, “Yes you can!” because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with Him! 


"I personally recommend Kellie Frazier as a guest speaker for your program. Kellie Frazier is a phenomenal author, speaker, and Christian lifestyle coach with years of experience. She has literally changed my life. I have such freedom and a close personal relationship with God, it's amazing! I think by having her part of your program, your listeners can experience similar breakthroughs and find hope and joy. Additionally, her own personal story and experiences are shocking and remarkable. I promise you will not be disappointed." Lyvonne Jones, Esq.

Live The Set Free Life!

The Bible was written by the spirit and for the spirit of man. We can read hundreds of books, go to school to get numerous degrees, attend seminars and and conferences to learn, yet none of it can affect your spirit the way God’s words can. Being Set Free for LIFE is determined by how pure we keep our thoughts, motives and actions, but most people don’t know HOW to remain pure in thought, much less action. This Keynote teaches a powerful lesson of love in a fun and interactive way.

Living On Purpose IS Your Purpose

If you were flying in a hot air balloon looking down at yourself doing something you are gifted at, would you be doing exactly what you’re doing today? few years ago, while volunteering for Hospice, Kellie would sit at the bedside of those who were dying. She noticed a common theme. It wasn’t the things people did that they would talk about most, it was the regret of what they hadn’t done yet that they talked about. God wants us to live our lives using the gifts he’s given us. This Keynote illustrates the direction and a grounding that takes place even when our faith is challenged.