Yes Kellie…

I Want Unlimited Laser Coaching With You For One Full Year!


I Understand The Following:

  1. This coaching offer is for Live, One-on-One, Coaching with Kellie.

  2. We meet by video or phone and agree on homework to move my business forward.

  3. I can schedule as many 15 minute laser coaching sessions as I wish over the next year, but I must complete my homework before scheduling my next call.

  4. I can also reach out via email if I need help with my homework.

  5. I'll also have access to Kellie via email during the time we are working together if I need assistance with my homework, or if I have questions about my business.

  6. During our first (30) minute session, if either of us feels this is not a fit, my money will be refunded and the coaching terminated.

  7. As A BONUS, I will receive Kellie's Faith Based Business Interview Series for free

Only 7 spots available!