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Move Your God-Sized Vision Forward With The Set Free Mastermind…

Business Incubator

“Having created Masterminds for more than 15 years. Business Incubator is the culmination of my work experience in moving business men and women forward into the calling on their life. Without consistent connections, or consistent income, you have no business. Bringing a GOD-SIZED vision to fruition takes aligning with others.

Knowing how to serve your audience in the way they want to be served before you earn their trust, or their money, is vital. Business Incubator Mastermind can help you with connection, content, generosity, making offers that transform lives and so much more.” 

What Business Incubator Supports For ONE FULL YEAR!

The fundamental steps we all take as a coach or consultant…

______________Step 1______________

Leadership & On-line Presence

You’ll get clear on your business foundation. God wants you to be remarkable and influential rather than salesy. How you can uniquely stand out from the crowd is the foundation for your leadership and on-line presence. This begins before your audience ever gets to your website. Your leadership helps them SEE who’s you are in your web design, your written copy, and all throughout your marketing plan.

______________Step 2______________

Standing For Your Clients

Paying clients help your business go from hobby to doing business God’s way. When you learn to take a stand for your client’s transformation, you’ll be able to enroll someone into your course much more easily.

______________Step 3______________

Your Marketing & Sales Plan

Getting clients every single month is what will keep you in business -- that’s our main goal by the end of the year. Even if you’ve never heard of an automated funnel system, that is what consistently drives clients to you every month to ensure a steady stream of clients and revenue.

______________Step 4______________

Managing Your Mind & Time

Your dreams of financial freedom probably don’t include 80-hour workweeks, or at least they shouldn’t. Its important to systemize what you’ve been working on, while managing your mind around “FLEX TIME”. What you’re doing with your private clients you can use to create your first course or group program. This is how you start leveraging both your time AND your mind.

______________Step 5______________

Your First Course Needs A Launch

A course or group program is a completely different type of product than a coaching or consulting package. This means it requires a completely different skill set. Master this skill and sell and quadruple your income.

______________Step 6______________

Hello Long Term Success!

Now that you have income, new clients, a great course that your clients love, and a solid reputation online, you’re poised for long-term success. While you can keep repeating the process over and over again, you have more confidence than ever as a business owner.

Are you ready to join today and get...

  • One Year Access to Business Incubator Mastermind - $2,997 Value

  • 12 Months of Live Group Coaching - $2,997 Value

  • Bonus #1: 24 live coaching calls - $12,000 Value

  • Bonus #2: Private peer feedback and coaching via Voxer group - $1,997 Value

  • Bonus #3: MasterMind-MasterMoney Master Class - $497 Value

  • Bonus $4: The Set Free Life Video Course - $197 Value

We’re talking about a $20,685 value!!

All you have to do is choose which option is right for you:

The Set Free Life is NOT for you if:

  • You lack compassion or empathy for your fellow man

  • You have a negative outlook, even though you have a relationship with Christ  

  • You’re hoping that by investing in this program you’ll get out of doing the work that’s required to build your business

  • You don’t value coaching or mentorship. It takes both to grow your business just like it does for every single successful entrepreneur in the world

  • You aren’t willing to participate in an online support group via Voxer

  • You expect that people will flock to your website without you doing the work to make it happen.

  • You don’t want to stick to your schedule and hold yourself accountable to your plan

If you read the points below and think YES!!, Then The Set Free Life is for you:

  • You want to build your business with a firm foundation in Christ.

  • You want to focus and align yourself with Kingdom Building strategies needed to innovate in any economy

  • You want healthy relationships in both your personal and professional life

  • You feel called to make a much larger impact than you’re currently making

  • You’re passionate about growing a sustainable business that also makes a difference

  • You want to know the exact systems and structures you need to implement in order to grow a lucrative business

  • You want personal support and accountability in an intimate setting

  • You’re ready to create a mindset and lifestyle for success and leave all excuses at the door

  • You want to leave a lasting legacy for your family and friends

  • You’re more than ready to claim financial freedom and willing to grow in leadership to make that happen

You can save $594 right now by paying in full!!

Enroll in The Business Incubator Mastermind Now!

Starts in July 2019!

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