About Kellie Frazier


CATEGORY: Relationships, Faith, Business

QUOTE: “The most inspiring thing to me is when you look inside your heart and like what you see.“


Kellie Frazier understands spiritual freedom and is recognized as an expert trainer and coach for leaders in the coaching, mentoring, pastoring world.  Creator of The Set free Life, she shows you how to turn your passion for Jesus into powerful connections of love and purpose.

Kellie is the Founder of Connecting LLC, a Christian Lifestyle Coaching organization, and Connecting LLC Publications, helping authors self-publish their own books. She has coached thousands of people to freedom from limiting beliefs, so they can be potent, successful leaders in business and in family. Kellie is a trainer and coach who teaches the art of successfully identifying how to be emotionally present so the Holy Spirit can rock your world.   


  1. Put ego behind you and with your whole heart lean forward in that secret place

  2. Abide in Jesus and you’ll free yourself to love others every single day

  3. Think big, play big, but most of all BELIEVE BIG.

  4. Build relationships that take you from vision, to power and then into action

  5. Connect to a Tribe that empowers you toward success every day

  6. Be willing to take a risk – say yes to public opportunities to share your message

  7. Learn to be an excellent giver as well as an excellent receiver


In 2007, Kellie lost 2 family members in two separate tragedies. Through the emotional turmoil, it was evident that her own family seemed to be falling apart. While her husband was ready to end their marriage, she chose to close the doors of their investing company which she began to help give their sons a direction.

After a minor accident that caused a traumatic brain injury, seizures, pain and neurological problems controlled her life. She was no longer a help to anyone, in fact, her 11-year-old daughter became her caregiver.  

There is Always Hope…

In June of 2008, she awoke to a soft glow of light in her room. Although it was dark in the room, she saw the following three visions;

  • Vision 1: She was an author signing books of numerous colors, shapes and sizes.

  • Vision 2: She was on a large stage talking to thousands of people in a circular building.

  • Vision 3: She saw herself impacting thousands of people from around the world.

From that point on she put one foot in front of the other, remaining grateful and intentional at all times. 


When Kellie wasn't reading scripture, she exercised her brain by putting together puzzles, painting by numbers, and doing all she could to reconnect the neurotransmitters in her brain. She listened to successful people like Jim Rhon, Les Brown, and more. She hired coaches to help her write books, speak and become a trainer. She began discerning how Jesus viewed success. The Holy Spirit began teaching her to love others in ways she'd never known before, outside of the realm of human possibility.

Connect and Succeed

In her secret place with God, in her personal life with family and in her community creating disciples for the body of Christ, you can see she is authentic.

She began The Prayer Warriors group where she gives Bible studies at 6:30 am Est daily to more than 750 members.

Her company, Connecting LLC, is a legacy of feeding God's sheep and setting people free.

The Set Free Courses:  

  • The Set Free Inner Circle - A private FB group that has 5 of my courses in it: 1) Love Differently Stay Married, 2) Day of Love, 3) The Set Free Life, 4) Becoming a Self-Published Author 5) Coaching Topic call and Q&A calls

  • Set Free Life Coaching - It is like one solid week of boot camp to develop stronger relationships between God, yourself and each other. It includes a workbook, 15 hours of one-on-one coaching plus 3 months of personal accountability calls to stay on track. This is where I feel I do my best work, and where God does His to transform each person.

  • The Set Free Life - A 5-week video course for those wanting freedom on a deeper level, and a better understanding of God’s plan for their life. Includes: workbooks & leaders guides plus additional handouts and website resources. This is transformative work for small group settings as well as larger audiences.

  • The Set Free Coaches Conference - A 3-Day Seminar of training for anyone wanting to become a Christian Lifestyle Coach. Includes: Guidebook, Live Event Workbook, 2 Assessments, 2 meals, 1 week of professional one-on-one coaching and 9 hours of observation. Again, I feel this is where I do my best work.

  • The Set Free Live Event - One day of pressing into God to experience personal freedom like never before. It's about understanding God’s bigger plan and purpose for your relationships and life. It also includes lunch, workbook, journal, pen, website resources of 10 free tools.