Praying Can Be So Simple

Have you ever used scriptures to pray? It is one of the best ways to connect to God’s heart, by speaking his own words and applying it to your situation.

I also recommend using the acronym ACTS, which I learned from the Hendrix brothers, directors of the movie Fire Proof. They teach prayer in the following way - keeping in mind these are just examples.

A = Acknowledge: “Father I acknowledge you and know you are sovereign. You are the great I AM, the giver of life. You are the Alpha and Omega, the maker of heaven and earth and I am humbled by your greatness.”  
C = Confess - "I confess my weakness of humility and confess my pride before you. I confess lustful thoughts and I ask that you take back the ground I've given to the enemy in Jesus name."
T = Thankfulness - "Thank you for my health, the breath in my lungs, the clothes on my back, the love of my husband/wife and children. Thank you for allowing me another day to press forward spreading love and light to others."
S = Supplication - "I bring my neighbors and my friends to you to pray for them. I even bring my enemies as you’ve asked. Thank you for healing the lost and the broken. Thank you for casting out all unhealthy thinking and for renewing my mind and spirit. In Jesus name. Amen."

No matter how you’re praying, this is a beautiful way to begin and end your prayers. Acknowledge, Confess, Give Thanks and Pray for others.