How 3 Types of Pride Keep Us Trapped


1. PRIDE OF LIFE  - Idols before God
2. LUST OF THE FLESH - Sexual sins
3. LUST OF THE EYE - Covetousness

Humility Frees Us From Pride

There are two ways pride is exhibited:

Obvious & Hidden.

Obvious pride is overstated gloating.
Hidden pride is understated sulking.

Both are damaging to our relationship with God, ourselves and with each other.

To remove pride we must confess and repent of it to God. If we’re not putting healthy information into our minds, then by default, we’re letting the world teach us through pride.

How can humility grow?

We need to hunger and thirst after Jesus’ example and apply it in our daily lives. Study it, watch videos about it, pray for it, apply it.  
Satan was kicked out of heaven because of pride. He is the author of pride. Chances are you were taught that pride was good to have just like I was.

The truth is - God abhors pride.

To free yourself from pride here is an example prayer you can say right now. Remember that God wants to hear from your heart, not your head.

Heavenly Father, forgive me for not seeing my pride. I want to honor you and give you glory. Take back any ground I’ve given over to the enemy through my pride. I release that ground to your control right now. Thank you for teaching me about humility so I can live it out in my own life. Thank you for allowing me to see where pride has had its way in my life and thank you for replacing it with humility.  As Jesus was humble, I too want to be humble. Amen.