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You have the DNA of God Almighty himself, who also created Adam, and who gave his son Jesus to redeem you and bring you BACK to himself.

You’re not condemned - you’re loved!

God says generation after generation, the sins of the father’s are passed down. This began with Adam and Eve sinning in the garden. It wasn’t because of biting the apple that they were told to leave the garden, it was because they didn’t repent. If you think about that one concept, how differently things might have turned out had they asked God to forgive them instead of blaming each other and hiding the truth.

What we know is that they were rebellious in their act, they were too prideful to ask for forgiveness, they resented what happened and they even had a son who murdered his brother. Can you see that we still deal with these same issues generations later?

Your DNA did not begin there however. That was what sin created.

The truth is that due to the lies we’ve heard about who we are, we feel we’re not good enough or that we’ll never measure up. Its just not true. Its a societal belief system that needs to change in your head, and heart, or you’ll not be able to move forward.

To esteem yourself “worthy” may feel like a selfish thought, but in fact, if you don’t believe you’re worthy, you’ll turn away from truth that God loves you SO much that he GAVE his son to save you! I’d say that's proof enough that the Creator of the universe esteems you highly.