How to apologize with love...

While we understand what it means to apologize to someone, we rarely ask them to forgive us with humility. What would this look like?

"I'm really sorry I hurt you. Would you please forgive me?"


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Society teaches us that we don’t have to forget the pain others have caused us, but Jesus asks us to remember not. When he forgives he casts our sins to the bottom of the sea and remembers them no more. We are to do the same - but how?

Bitterness is a blind spot. When we choose not to forgive, then by default, we choose bitterness. It’s like taking a tall glass of poison and drinking it down while expecting the other person to die. Bitterness is insidious, and we often leave a trail of broken relationships behind us because of it. 

Most of my clients insist they aren’t bitter, and its simply because bitterness and resent is a blind spot for all of us. Here is a litmus test. Is there anyone that makes you feel upset just by think of them?

This usually a good indicator that bitterness and resentments are still wreaking havoc in your life.

This PDF document can help you pray through any bitterness you feel toward others. Its time to be freed from resentments once and for all. The person(s) who hurt you aren't off the hook with God, and you don't have to be around someone who hurts you, but you are called to choose forgiveness.

Print off at least 10 of sheets to pray through the people you hold some type of resentment towards. You'll be very surprised if you include yourself, your parents, children, and yes, even resentments against God.

Take these steps

Step 1: Write the person’s name on the blank provided as shown in the example
Step 2: Circle how they’ve made you feel using the words in the list.
Step 3: Using the prayer on the worksheet, pray through forgiving that person from both your head and your heart.